Sara Martin


About Sara

Hi, I’m Sara, proud co-owner of Open Door Architecture. I feel very lucky to be working with my husband, Sean, because our complimentary skill sets have helped this venture come together. My focus is on our marketing. I enjoy finding new ways to make architecture accessible and relevant.

I’m originally from Chattanooga and came to Knoxville in 2000 to attend the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I met Sean shortly thereafter while working at a local firm.

He’s a transplant as well, but Knoxville is our home. We love it here and look forward to making it a better place — one project at a time.

Outside of work, I’m a social butterfly and enjoy hanging out with my Braintrust, bookgroup, Toastmasters, neighbors, and Knox Heritage friends. I also love to write and occasionally (okay, rarely) produce artwork.