The Wrong Way to Add a Closet

The Wrong Way to Add a Closet

[Originally published as Design Tip #2 in our weekly newsletter]

What’s the most common complaint from owners of old houses? Not enough closet space. Closets are often #1 on the list of improvements to make. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to add a closet. A poorly-planned closet can make the rest of the room awkward and unfurnishable.

The mistake we most often see is adding a “bump out closet.” This is where you cordon off a corner of your room, box it in with drywall, and call it a closet. Sure, it will hold your clothes, but it leaves you with an odd, L-shaped room.

Instead, find ways to integrate closets. In the diagram below of two adjacent bedrooms, it’s much better to integrate the closets between the rooms in a solid bar rather than bumping out the corners. If you don’t have a straightforward situation like this, you can also tuck closets into otherwise wasteful spaces (voluminous bathrooms, under the eaves, redundant hallways, or old laundry rooms).


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